Endoscopy, which is a form of treatment through minor-invasive surgery, has been encouraged dramatically within recent years primarily due to the effect of escalating health care costs. Endoscopy is a less traumatic surgical procedure and has been an essential practice in diseases diagnosis & effective treatments since it requires shorter hospital stays and promotes faster recovery. Endoscopes are delicate instruments and require a highly experienced technician in order to properly utilize them and maintain them for continued usage. Through steady usage and poor maintenance though many endoscopes will fall into disrepair and require specialists to get them back to working condition. As a result of this growing need there are new highly efficient endoscope servicing companies to help facilities maintain their endoscopes and keep up with expanding procedure volumes.

Studies have indicated that the endoscopy service market is expected to reach over $800 Billion USD by 2024 from $650 Billion USD in 2015. Many third-party service providers have sprung up in the U.S. over the last 20 years to claim a share of the largest endoscope service market in the world. These companies have thrived thanks to demand from hospitals and medical practices for more affordable parts and services for the latest model scopes. Just as importantly though is the need for repair and maintenance services for older endoscopes — which original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) often do not repair. Many third-party service providers have taken advantage of this business environment and have positioned themselves to offer reputable and high-quality endoscope repairs with turnaround times that are sometimes faster than those of the OEM counterparts. As a result, these companies have grown over the years to hold a significant portion of the U.S. endoscope servicing industry. At present, these companies service almost one-third of all endoscopes and generate about 20 percent of the revenues in this space thus exerting tremendous competitive pressure on OEMs.

Los Angeles Endoscope Center, or LASC for short, is at the forefront of the third party Endoscope Service Provider Industry. From R&D on new generation endoscopes, to comprehensive endoscope repair training courses, to manufacturing after market endoscope spare parts and components for other endoscope service companies, LASC is committed to assisting more third party service companies in the US and internationally to increase our presence in the global endoscope service market and helping grow the industry as a whole through our technical expertise and commitment to excellence in quality of parts and services and an unrelenting commitment to customer service. Give us a call today to see how we can best help your needs.