GI Videoscope repair:

We offer totally three phases of endoscope repairing training courses for your Olympus TM brand flexible endoscopes, which will take you from minor repairs through complete rebuild capability. Using Olympus TM brand GI Videoscopes as instruction tools, the three phases of training courses will be conducted within 20 days.


Phase 1 – Preventative Maintenance & Minor Repairs20151123_080149

A 5 day program covers introduction to endoscopes, Inspection & Diagnostics (leak test, Function test and image test), minor repairs and bending rubbers. Upon completion of this program, the trainee will be able to perform all minor repairs which accounts for 60% of what could possibly go wrong with a videoscope.


Phase 2 – Intermediate Repairs: internal components fixing


Phase 2 training courses, lasting for 5 days, train how to extensivrepair1ely disassemble/assemble a scope, and address internal components replacements. It includes, but limited to, Biopsy Channel Replacements, Air/Water Channel Replacement, Light Guide Bundle Replacement, Complete Distal End Removal/Installation, C-cover Replacement, Optics replacements and Suction Channel Replacement.


Phase 3 – Major Repairs and Rebuild


Phase 3 training is a 10 day program which covers advanced repairs, such as Insertion Tube Replacement, Light Guide Tube Replacement, Angulation system Repair, Light Guide Tube Replacement, and CCD Camera Video Hub Re-wiring.