Small Diameter Fiberscope Training

Phase 1:

The Phase 1 classes for small diameter fiberscope covers: introduction to fiberscopes, minor repairs, angulation rubbers etc. Upon completion of Phase 1, you will be able to perform your scope in-house and all regular repair which accounts for about 70% of what could potentially go wrong with a scope.


  1. Introduction of Fiber-endoscopes20150818_081454
  2. Diagnostics and Testing
  3. Bending Rubber Changing
  4. Angulation Adjustment
  5. Ocular Adjustment
  6. Realigning Bending Section
  7. Polishing Optics (Light Guide lens and Objective lens)
  8. Tighten Loosened Biopsy Channel


Phase 2:

Phase 2 training addresses internal components replacements, such as Biopsy Channel Replacement, Image Bundle Replacement, Illumination Bundle Replacement, etc. Those are the most challenging issues since they are very demanding not only about physical sharpness but also years of experiences. Upon completion of both phases, we will provide your department with continued technical support at no charge.

  1. Bending Section Replacement
  2. Biopsy Channel Replacement
  3. Image Bundle Replacement
  4. Illumination Bundle Replacement.
  5. Insertion Tube replacement