Endoscope Repairing Training —Why LASC?

One of the primary goals that LASC holds is to pass on our technical expertise to the next generation of endoscope repair technicians. Our comprehensive training course instills the mindset of a repair technician and combines traditional lecture with hands on practical experience specific to the prospective student’s goals and motivations. Over the years numerous students have used our training course as a springboard to start their own repair service workshops and to this day we continue to help support these companies as well. Rather than simply teaching a list of objectives for one particular model of scope and one particular type of scope repair the training course is custom curated to fit the student’s particular needs and goals. A thorough screening process is required before a training curriculum is provided in order to focus how to best approach each student based on their technical proficiency, work experience, and training goals.

  • We train, not demonstrate how to repair a scope
  • We follow up with you for unlimited technical support on any other scopes
  • We assist you with sourcing the parts, components and tooling for your repairing
  • Conveniently located 40 minutes driving from LA International Airport, connecting you anywhere in the world.